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Article : How Q & A sites helps you gain mileage online?

How Q & A sites helps you   gain mileage online?

Q & A sites are many times just seen as normal sites in which browsers interact online by asking and answering questions. But what we actually see is just the tip of an iceberg and a lot more is there to understand and analyze. Have you ever wondered how these Q & A sites can help you in flourishing your business in the web world?

Many people online are seeking solutions for their problems. If your business idea can cure their agonies, you can surely be on the driver’s seat. This is where the Q & A sites come into play and this article peeps into the virtues availed by such sites for the online businesses.

You get into a helpful network
Doing business online has one great advantage that it helps you to get in touch with the like-minded people. This can further be facilitated through these Q & A sites like Yahoo answers, Mahalo and Answer Bag etc. as here people in similar niche communicate involuntarily. The ideas can be exchanged and you can get a good network of connections. With partnerships and good relationships, chances for growth are much higher in the online world.

Keyword hunt can be done with more ease
Your success in SEO depends a lot on the keywords you choose. Too general keywords have great competitions and it is practically very tough even to rank decently with such keywords. Already established sites with these keywords will always remain as hindrance. So, the best alternative for you is to find out some keywords with lower competition but still better scope. Opting for long-tail keywords would be a nice idea to anticipate. In Q & A sites you see that people post questions and they usually use long-tail keywords. Also since the usage of sequence, structure and synonyms varies with people, great keyword variations can be extracted.

Better source of backlink Backlink
share of great relevance and its worth depends mainly on its source. A backlink source would be beneficial to you only if it is relevant for your website and content is kept unique, original and updated. These requirements for an ideal source are easily met by the Q & A sites. The content is kept updated as the answers keep on flowing from the helpful people online and the answers would surely be related to the asked questions. Placing links in such sites thus would surely be helpful to your business.

Target audience can be exclusively focused
The best traffic which you can ever get is obviously from the target audience for your business. Minimizing bounce rate maximizes the conversion rates. Consider that a question asked in a Q & A site, say Yahoo answers is about avoiding hair fall. If your company sells any medicine for the treatment of the same, you can simply give some sincere and genuine answer to the question and place your link. Thus if you can convince the readers with your answer, they will most probably click the link to reach your website. As you get only genuine audience to your site, the chances of getting sales are really high.

In addition to the above mentioned boons, Q & A sites give huge leverage to your reliability and reputation thus availing you better mileage online.

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