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Drupal - A Landmark Creation In Web Technology

Effectual web design desires simplicity and elasticity. While welcoming the modernity of development, knowledge management through websites has increased a lot. After habituated with WordPress, the web fraternity wanted to be more flexible with content management system and content management framework. Here comes the most preferred Drupal.

Meet Drupal Development Stream
Drupal development is referred as the overall content management system and framework, which builds a user-friendly website. Ranging from political, economical and cultural wings, the usefulness of Drupal has spread worldwide. Drupal is a free and open source content management framework and operated from the backend. Being a content management system, Drupal provides plethora of expediency for the websites. From the user account registration, blogging, page design customizationand RSS Feed to system management,the website developers are really comfortable with Drupal. This content management system can be used in developing internet forum, community website, single/multi user blogging, and brochure websites.

Drupal development is also broadly used in business alliance. As per the updated 2013 record, nearly 20,100 free community contributed addons are there to redesign the Drupal modules to meet the criteria of various users. Because of having updated modules for opting more simplicity and extensibility in content management system, Drupal is also called web application framework. Even if its use is very simple, the first-time users often find it difficult while installing. As Drupal is a sophisticated web application, no trained programming skill is required for developing websites.

Drupal development is flourished on the computing platform; therefore the web developers need web server running PHP and database to store and update the content.

Origin of Drupal – A Brief History
Formerly penned by Dries Buytaert as a communication plank, Drupal became widely renowned in 2001. Although Drupal is an English word but it renders from a Dutch expression druppel. After formation, Drupal development got a noteworthy make over in 2003 when it was used to develop "DeanSpace" for the US candidate Howard Dean. Henceforth, worldwide web team members desired to develop a web platform to strengthen up the political activism.

Day by day the wide use of Drupal has not only enhanced the web technology but also all kind of private and government organizations started to use Drupal in developing their website to convey their messages in a modernized way. Drupal 5 has been stopped; Drupal 6 and 7 are widely used in contemporary time and now though Drupal 8 has been developed but yet to be released.

Benefit of Accessibility
With the development of Drupal 7, ease of access in web technology has been enhanced with more benefits. Drupal development is q noteworthy and landmark creation with an updated framework for website building and development. Because of including some best practices, even people with disability can use it with no difficulty. In future, manifold improvements will be designed as per the ongoing planning of web developers.

While concluding, without mentioning the controversial criticism, the story telling of Drupal development will be incomplete. Loopholes in performance, learning curve and usability are hard to ignore.

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